Clever New Invention Is Like Having A Caller ID For Your Front Door

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Ever wonder how many people show up at your door, and you never know it? For some, this is a disturbing thought. Is someone staking out your place? Did you miss out on that lucky visit from Publisher’s Clearing House? Or annoying solicitors?

Finally someone solved this problem. It’s called Peeple, and it’s a camera device that goes on your door and monitors activity such as a knock or the door being opened. It then sends a picture and a timestamp to Peeple’s servers. Finally, you receive a push notification on your phone to check out who’s at the door. How cool is that?

Co-founder and CEO, Chris Chuter, has pointed out that the door to your house is a blind spot. Most people have no idea what is happening at their front door while they aren’t home. Chris is an Austin, Texas father who was startled by his three year old son walking out of the door by himself. That scare got him thinking. So he and some pals created the Peeple device and are now running with a Kickstarter campaign for getting their production up and running.

This $150 device is simply a small, circular box that you attach to your door right in front of your existing peephole. It has a camera, an accelerator, a battery and a Wi-Fi chipset, and is cheaper than mainstream video monitoring technology. This clever little gadget can do some amazing things for you, too.

You can track packaged deliveries, house cleaners, even party guests who show during the loudest hours. Since the Peeple app store event logs, if your house is broken into, you can look back on the logs to see if any suspicious people came to the door prior to the event. Because the device only activates with a knock or the opening of the door, the battery is supposed to last around six months on a single charge.

Understandably, Peeple has been gaining some public attention. Their demo at SXSW received very positive feedback. This technology is now competing in Techcrunch’s Hardware Battlefield at CES. Furthermore, KDFM News of Beaumont, Texas broadcasted this story on the subject.

Austin man invents a watchful eye for your door.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT — Austin man invents a watchful eye for your door.

Posted by KFDM News on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Between this and the growing support on twitter and other social media, their kickstarter campaign is well on the way of meeting its goal. The only downside? The final knock-knock joke in human history may be, “Knock-knock,” “Who’s there?” “What? You haven’t bought a Peeple yet?” Such is life.