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Contribute to the Lighter Side

It seems every real estate guru is touting the power of blogging these days. And with good reason. Blogging is the fastest and easiest way to grow your personal brand and build your status as an authority figure in real estate. The more people you can reach and expose to your message, the better your chances of gaining clout. Makes sense, right? Well, we’d like to make a deal with you.

If you can provide fresh, original content — stuff that’s thought provoking and entertaining…
… then we will put it in front of millions of people to read.

Not to mention, we’ll link to your website and/or social profiles (Google loves when you have backlinks pointing to you). Sound like a deal? Check out the ways to get published below.


Do you have writing chops? Real estate perspective, too? Let’s discuss your topic ideas.


We love how witty and clever you guys are. Share with us what you’ve created or found.


We’re all ears. We love hearing your ideas, suggestions, and general feedback. Speak up!

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