A Day in the Life of a Female Realtor

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This lovely text came in last night, Saturday, just before 9pm. I was watching a movie with my best friend and my boyfriend on TV, and this popped up on my phone. I about spit my glass of wine across the room laughing.


The boyfriend proceeded to text the guy back from his phone the grossest foot picture he could find in Google images. :)

Jeez if this guy really knew anything about me he’d know that I wear a size 10 and have flat feet, I’m guessing probably not his ideal foot model…

I posted a screenshot of this to my Facebook page and got over 70 responses telling me to call the police, etc. I guess senses are heightened after what happened to Beverly Carter in Arkansas recently. Also my male friends came to my defense and apparently sent the guy pictures of their, ahem, body parts, various firearms and of course, their feet. Ha!

Just thought it might make for a funny blog post about what NOT to ask your Realtor… Pretty sure this guy is harmless and thought he’d message several Realtors on Zillow in one night, but I’m guessing he got back some interesting texts he didn’t expect in return.

One thing about this job, every day is something different!

Liane Jamason is a Realtor with Smith & Associates Real Estate. She is in the Top 1% of Realtors in Pinellas County, and specializes in Waterfront and Luxury Homes in St. Petersburg and Tampa.

Editor’s Note: The author didn’t provide any images that were sent to the creep on her behalf, so we’re giving you our own visual aid.